Pokemon Xenoverse

Pokemon Xenoverse is fan game developed by Italian team WEEDle in RPG Maker. In this Pokemon adventure, you will discover a brand new world with its own authentic story, a unique visual and narrative atmosphere, and innovative features.
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Game Name: Pokemon Xenoverse
Author name: WEEDle
Release year: 2016
Platform: RPG Maker XP
Language: Italian

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The game has a really well-written story, and the tone of voice is quite different from other official and fan-made Pokémon titles. Both the story and the events are well thought out. You’ll be surprised how your starter Pokémon are linked to the story and how it develops. The narrative is designed to surprise you in many ways. Although the story is a little more dramatic, it’s appropriate for adults as well as the Pokémon player age group.

Up to 14 different cities are waiting to be discovered by you. Each of them has a special atmosphere, its own fauna and flora, and its own well-written story that will captivate you like in JRPG games. There are also many different locations to explore including forests, islands, ancient temples and more – you will be amazed.

Discover the 3 new Pokémon starters: Shyleon the Leaf Grass Elf Pokémon, Trishout the Volcano Fire Clay Pokémon, and Shulong the Water Dragon Pokémon.

Graphics and sound

Team Pokemon Xenoverse did a great job on the graphics and created a beautiful, coherent and unique world in the Game Boy Advance style of graphics. The game uses a combination of elements taken from various official Pokémon titles and elements created by the development team themselves. The most amazing thing is that the result is seamless. The game uses Generation 6 sprites for the character portraits of the characters you encounter and for the out-of-combat Pokémon menu graphics. Also, 5th generation sprites are used for the overworld and the animated battle sprites. Last but not least, the developers created their own soundtrack from scratch, which is simply wonderful.


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